9-Year-Old Boy Donates $2,000 In Lemonade Stand Profits To Make Shelter Cats ‘Happy’

Random acts of kindness can never be too early or too late. It is a great feeling to help others and a great way to help those in need when you do good for them. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to give back, whether it’s volunteering at a non-profit organization or caring for animals at an animal shelter.

Specifically cats, Ben Miller, a 9-year-old boy from Idaho, has already shown how much he cares for living creatures. His heart is full of love for the animal. Ben wanted to help as many cats as possible because of this. Lemonade stands are a great way for children to earn some extra money during the spring and summer.

Despite safety concerns and regulations regarding the pandemic, the 9-year-old boy took a break from his lemonade business in 2020. Ben’s love for cats has only grown and so have his lemonade stand profits.

Ben decided that rather than pocketing his money to buy the latest video game or toy, he wanted to do his part to help others. He is giving back to some furry friends at the Idaho Humane Society – cats!

Even though Ben has already raised close to $2,000 in donations for shelter cats, he’s not done helping out.

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Ben has loved animals since he was a child. Among all the animals he loves, cats are his favorite. As early as 2019, the young boy decided he wanted to help his feline friends.

CNN reports that Ben held a lemonade stand to raise money for the Idaho Humane Society to help out with shelter cats. Ben came up with the idea while visiting the shelter with his grandmother. 

“I noticed that some cats didn’t have toys,” he said. Ben already knew he wanted to open a lemonade stand that summer, but he decided to donate the profits to the Idaho Humane Society to buy food, toys, and other supplies for the cats there. Additionally, the money is used for veterinary care.

Amy Miller told CNN that Ben sold lemonade and lavender lemonade, cookies, and other desserts to raise money. Ben raised $200 in donations in 2019. In 2020, he had to take a break from the project due to safety concerns related to the pandemic, but he was glad to restart it in 2021. He raised $600 that year.

The Idaho Humane Society’s communications manager, Kristine Schellhaas, has been deeply touched by Ben’s efforts to help the shelter’s cats. “We are in the middle of kitten season,” she said. We go through a lot of supplies. It’s not uncommon to adopt 60 to 90 kittens a week during the summer. We provide a lot of life-saving care.”

In early April 2022, Ben exceeded his previous lemonade stand profits and was able to donate a large amount to the shelter. He raised $1,150 over the years, bringing his total to $1,950.

In addition to Ben’s efforts, the staff and volunteers at the shelter have continued to express their gratitude to anyone who donates or helps out in any way.

The Idaho Humane Society shared the following Facebook post on April 6, 2022:

“Ben dropped off the proceeds from this year’s lemonade stand last week, smiling from ear to ear. At the age of 7, Ben decided he could help homeless animals … and boy, has he!”

KTVB filmed Ben handing over his donation and explaining how he raised so much money. He explained, “Well, they knew we were donating it all to the animals so we could give them supplies and food and just stuff so they can be happier.” Ben said the main goal he wanted to achieve was to just make the animals happy.

According to CNN, Ben hopes to bring his lemonade stand back in 2023. Animal lovers can also send him donations via Venmo if they are unable to visit his stand in person.

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