Son Who Lost His Father In Line of Duty Is Given Patrol Car From Local Stranger After Auction Purchase

Since his father was lost in the line of duty as a police officer, Tanner Brownlee has been collecting items of significance related to his late father. After his father passed away, he received items such as the motorcycle jacket his father wore as an officer. Tanner started looking for ways to acquire his father’s old police cruiser when he heard that it would be up for auction in 2015.

An online fundraising page was also included. Through these efforts, he raised nearly $3500. He was worried that he would not be able to buy the car with this amount. Until a generous stranger did the unthinkable – he bought the car at the auction and gifted it to Brownlee.

Tanner Brownlee lost his father when he was 15 years old. Denver7 reports that his father was a police officer who died in the line of duty in 2010. Tanner has been collecting items related to his father since his father passed away.

His father’s old squad car was one of the items he wanted. His efforts to purchase the car at an auction did not go as planned. What happened next was truly amazing, and it has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

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Tanner wanted to acquire a police cruiser worth $12,500. One of the bidders offered $60 thousand for the car, which shocked him. With such a huge bid, the bidder easily won the car. Steve Wells was a local rancher.

It was at this point that Tanner believed he would never achieve his goal of getting his dad’s old police cruiser. The unexpected happened at that moment.

The keys were dropped in front of Tanner by Steve. The car belonged to him, he told him. Tanner was overwhelmed and stunned by this beautiful act of generosity. As he embraced Steve, he expressed his gratitude for his kindness and generosity. Throughout the world, viewers were delighted to learn that Tanner was able to get ahold of his dad’s old police cruiser after all. Every day, this video receives new views and is a must-see.

Over 45 million views, 629 thousand likes, and thousands of comments have been posted to the video on Youtube. The fact that the kid clapped when the guy outbid him shows just how much of a man he is. He didn’t let the rage blind him.” wrote one user. Yet, even knowing what happens, it still brings tears to my eyes when the man hands over the keys to the fallen officers’ son.

He said he drives his father’s patrol car every day after receiving it. “I just drive it all the time,” Brownlee said. “I don’t know what to call it, but it’s sentimental for me,” Brownlee said. In addition, the son said that his story resonated with people because it is uplifting. 

It makes people happy or gives them a feeling they don’t usually get from the news,” he said. I just like how it’s around Christmas time, so people are still watching it, thinking, “Hey, this is a good story, it’s Christmas time,” Brownlee said. 

The rancher Wells, who purchased Brownlee’s car and then gave it to him, apparently had a different purpose for it before he learned of Brownlee’s story.

After his son told him my story, Steve Wells was like, I’m going to buy the car for him,” he said. “For Steve Wells to spend that amount of money on someone he didn’t even know, some kid, some 19-year-old, that’s just awesome. 

“I’ll go places and people will be like, ‘Hey, Tanner,'” he continued. “It’s kind of weird that a bunch of people recognize my face and stuff like that.” He explained

When Brownlee lost and regained the car, he said it would remain in his family forever. “I want my kids to have it,” he said. “It’s just something I want to pass on.” 

What was your first reaction when you heard about Tanner Brownlee’s attempt to purchase his father’s old police cruiser? Did this story stir your emotions? Did you feel happy for the final outcome?

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