Family is slapped with lawsuit after crow keeps bringing their kid ‘gifts’ for being fed

It’s insane. Is there something wrong with people?

A friendship turned into a lawsuit.

When we were kids, did we imagine beingfriending yard animals such as squirrels and birds?

A young girl in Seattle had a similar relationship with her neighborhood birds. The family found themselves facing a lawsuit after reaching international attention.

The BBC featured Gabi Mann back then because of her affinity for crows.

BBC’s feature on Mann shows the girl displaying her collection of trinkets neatly arranged in a divided container.

People can look at the trinkets as much as they wish, but she warns them not to touch them. However, these things weren’t purchased.

Gifts ranged from beads to discarded bracelets.

Who would gift her these things, you ask? The crows. In 2011, Mann began his friendship with neighborhood crows.


As a child, she was clumsy, so it was an accident at first. Crows would swoop in for the food that would fall from her lap.

By sharing her lunch with the murder of crows, she realized they were acknowledging their existence.

Crows soon gathered around their house.

She and her family became accustomed to taking care of these birds. Every day, they will refill the birdbath and line the bird feeders with peanuts.

The gifts followed soon after. Except for small shiny trinkets, feeders would be left empty. Mann decided to keep them, believing they were gifts.

One of the smartest species on earth is the crow.

In addition to their uncanny ability to remember faces and dangerous places, they also possess a keen sense of problem-solving. It is also believed that they are self-conscious.

In some cases, they even use tools or their environment to help them complete their tasks.

It is even believed that crows drop nuts on the road so cars can crack them open.

As a result of their intelligence, these birds form specific relationships with humans, such as mutual, communal, or parasitic ones.

While the story is a fairytale come to life, not everyone is happy.

Their neighbors think that this habit is disruptive. Ashbach and Yokan claim their actions have caused “unusually high numbers of wild animals to congregate” in their area, including crows, pigeons, and rats.


It affected the way they used their properties, according to the complainants. The Manns even claimed they had never seen a rat on their properties until the Manns started feeding the birds.

Details of the settlement are being kept under wraps.

After eight years, the family agreed not to feed the birds and other wildlife. Every day, they may leave 4 ounces of food for the birds. Crows are also restricted when it comes to scaring away natural predators.

Furthermore, they paid a sum of money for damages, but the details of how much and why were not provided.

See how a little girl befriended the crows in her neighborhood.

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