Man asks brother with Down syndrome to be his best man and his reaction is just too pure

More than 5 million people have viewed this heartwarming video of this man asking his brother to be his best man. 

As Will Claussen got married, he couldn’t think of anyone better to serve as his best man than his brother Henry.

Growing up, Will and Henry, who has Down syndrome, have always been extremely close.

Will was the first person to hear Henry speak. Therefore, Will knew that Henry could only be the first man in his wedding.

Will told In The Know, “He has the sweetest soul ever and has never said a bad word about anyone.”

If he was going to ask one of his favorite people a big question, he wanted it to be special.

As a ruse, Will and his partner asked Henry, “Will you be my best man?”

For Henry to find with a metal detector, the couple hid a message in a bottle in the ground.


After waving around a metal detector, Will asks Henry to start digging when he “finds something.”

As Henry digs, he eventually hits something solid.

Will tells Henry, “You hit something.”.

The glass bottle is then lifted from the dirt by Henry.

What does that message mean?” Will’s partner asks Henry.

Henry, however, seemed a little suspicious.

Is this something you brought here?” he asked his brother.

As Henry reaches over to see what Will has, Will starts to pull the note out of the bottle.

Henry says, “It could be a joke.”.

When Will finally pulls out the note, he reads it to his brother.

Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro, and my best friend. Would you mind being my BEST man?”


“What?!” Henry exclaims.

Do you want to be my best man?” Will asks again.

He doesn’t get a response. His brother leaps into his arms after dropping his shovel and bottle.

He couldn’t have been happier, and he showed it. Holding tight to his big brother, he wrapped his legs around him. His eyes filled with tears, he finally accepted the proposal.”

 The two continued hugging for a while after Henry told his brother he loved him.

Will said, “He loves metal detecting, so I knew this was a no-brainer.”

Over 5.8 million people viewed the video of Will’s surprise proposal to his brother on Caters Clips’ YouTube page.

It’s been hard for Henry and me to comprehend all the kind words and comments. Will said, “We are grateful.”.

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