Teacher Develops Band-Aid Method To Teach Kids The Importance Of Equity Over Equality

In elementary school, children form their own ideas about justice and fairness, especially in the classroom. Another student receiving an extra snack may seem unfair to a child, even if the student has diabetes and needs the snack to stay healthy. Threerd-graders were taught fairness, or equity over equality, by a brilliant teacher.

Aimee teaches elementary school and makes videos on TikTok about her experiences. In order to help their students succeed, she provides tips and ideas for other teachers and parents. In August 2021, Aimee shared a lesson about fairness using band-aids.

Her video shows her asking her students if they have ever scraped their elbows. “As you can imagine, they all raised their hands.” she said. I get a band-aid, I pick one student to tell us about how they hurt their elbow, then I put the band-aid on it.”

Next, she asked if they had ever bumped their heads, and many students replied that they had. The students were confused when Aimee offered a band-aid again. Band-aids don’t help with a bump on the head, 

Why was this the solution offered?

Students learned that fairness isn’t everyone receiving the same type of help, but giving everyone what they need to succeed. Now, whenever her students ask why another child received extra help while they did not, she reminds them of the band-aid lesson. Learn more about this incredible story by reading on.

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In her video, Aimee summarized the lesson. As Aimee explained in another video following the band-aid lesson, fairness isn’t about getting the same thing for everyone, it’s about getting what everyone needs to succeed. Since kids use “not fair” to describe concepts they don’t fully understand, she used the term fairness.

In the follow-up video, the importance of this lesson for children is also explained in detail. The tools described in the video, like headphones, fidget spinners, and extra treats, are helpful for those who need them but distracting for those who don’t. Therefore, it is important that students understand the difference between equity and equality. 

Over 8,000 comments have been left on Aimee’s band-aid video. Most people enjoyed the lesson and even wanted to share it with others besides elementary school students. One commenter said, “Teach the adults now.”.

Another person commented, “This is extremely well explained. Another person optimistically said, “This next generation of teachers will completely change the world.” 

People thanked Aimee for emphasizing important concepts in her classroom, such as fairness and equity. 

Her students echoed the sentiment that they wished they had a teacher like her when they were young. It is our hope that more teachers will follow her lead, and we will see more incredible lessons like this in the future.

How do you feel about this band-aid lesson? 

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