Little girl’s rocking moves steal the show during choir performance, garnering 53 million views

“That’s 100% her personality. She just went with the Lord.”

The spirit of some people bursts from them, making them a bright light in a world that can sometimes grow dark.

Loren Patterson’s joy quickly becomes your joy when you meet her.

In 2017, the 6-year-old Tennesse girl went viral when she sang “Old Church Choir” with her fellow church choir members during Sunday service.

You’ll know right away.

Pink is the one stomping her feet, clapping her hands, and soulfully singing along with her more subdued choir members.

As she sings, I’ve got a heart overflowing because I’ve been restored by the Holy Spirit. “Nothing’s gonna steal my joy.”

More than 59 million people have viewed the video of Loren singing with the choir.

“I feel like that video is bringing joy to people in a dark world,” Loren’s mother Jennifer Patterson told The Tennessean. People are contacting me from all over the world.

It is rare for Patterson to make her social media posts public, but she shared the video with her family and friends.

Through Loren, she hopes people will be able to see God’s love.

Patterson said that if only one person is touched by the gospel and comes to know the saving power of Christ, then that’s all that matters.

She said that she loved swinging to the beat of the music, but that the song moved her for one specific reason.

Loren said, “I can sing about Jesus.”.

During Loren’s performance, Patterson didn’t know what the chatter was about right away.

She wasn’t surprised when she realized everyone was talking about her daughter.

Patterson told ABC News that was 100 percent her personality. She was just following the Lord.”

Loren’s performance had touched countless people, Mom says.

“I’ve received them from all over the world, saying they’ve been blessed in some way,” Patterson said. “I remember one woman who renewed her faith after watching the video.”

Loren’s performance was praised by Zach Williams, who made “Old Church Choir” famous with his first solo album, Chain Breaker.

As a child, Williams sang in revivals at country churches with his grandparents, which inspired him to put the song on the album.

“It just takes one person to start something like that, and that little girl caught the attention and the hearts of people all over the world,” Williams said.

Below is a video of Loren’s beautiful performance.

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