Mother With Nine Children Has Hands Full — Relies On Routine To Keep Everyone In Check

Some parents find bedtime challenging. It’s not just babies who keep you up at night, but their older siblings as well. One mother of nine children under ten has mastered her kids’ bedtime routine and even reads books to them. Chloe, 29, is from Perth, Australia. They have four singletons, a set of triplets, and a set of twins.

Taking care of nine children can be challenging for Chloe, but with practice, important daily routines like bedtime have become easier. The kids clean up their playroom as their mom prepares a nutritious dinner in the evening. As the kids eat, Chloe can feed the babies and children who can’t yet feed themselves. Chloe bathes the younger children after dinner while the older children take turns taking a bath. Birdie, her youngest child, was born in March 2022.

Chloe and Ro have Evan, Otto, Felix, all singletons, Rufus, Henry, and Pearl, twins Cosmo and Sylvie, and baby Birdie. They have their own YouTube channel called Life With Beans, where they post vlogs of their children doing fun activities and daily tasks like bedtime.

You can find out how this big family gets all of their kids to sleep on time by reading on.

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On March 16, 2022, the happy family welcomed their ninth child into the world. Birdie is the baby’s name, and she is so precious. A sweet caption accompanied Chloe’s photo of her youngest. On Instagram, she wrote:

Our sweet baby girl finally arrived earthside yesterday morning…We are thrilled that she is now home, relaxing with her 8 big siblings. 🥰 Thank you for all your well wishes. We are in love so so so much. “I’m on cloud nine.”

Almost three million people have watched Chloe’s nighttime routine video posted on YouTube on January 14, 2021. Due to the fact that baby birdie was not yet born, only eight of her kids are shown in the video. The babies in the video are twins Cosmo and Sylvie. Following their baths, the kids get into matching pajamas and take some time to cuddle with Cosmo and Sylvie after getting into matching pajamas. This is a very sweet moment.

After that, Chloe reads a story to them all. During the video, you can see how focused the kids are on the book.

After that, everyone should go to bed. While the older boys read before falling asleep, the triplets are tucked in right away. When this video was posted, the twins were still infants, so they took a little more time to fall asleep, so Chloe placed them in a crib together.

With baby Birdie in the picture, bedtime has become even more challenging. There is no doubt that Chloe and Ro are capable of caring for all nine of their children.

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