His wife abandoned him and their one-month-old baby so he wrote a letter that brought tears to thousands of people

In today’s society, it’s very common to hear stories about fathers abandoning their children and women without contacting them. However, we rarely hear about mothers who abandon their families. A young man named Richard experienced exactly that.

He became a father for the first time in January. His luck ran out and his life turned upside down.

His wife moved to California when his daughter, Persephone, was only a month old.

Richard’s wife must have suffered from postpartum depression, as she threatened to put the daughter up for adoption unless Richard came to pick her up immediately.

As Richard didn’t want to lose his daughter, he immediately drove to California to pick her up. His daughter would be happy to reunite with him, but their future was uncertain.

There was never a time when Richard treated a child alone. When he was in distress, he turned to a Facebook page called Life of Dad for help. Richard was able to get the support he needed from the group of single fathers.

A letter he wrote to the group quickly went viral and spread across the internet like wildfire.

Here is Richard’s wonderful message:

Richard Johnson is the single father of a pretty girl named Persephone, whose mother left us about a month after she was born. We still have no idea why she left, but we suspect postpartum depression played an important role.

When it was just me and my daughter, I bumped into your group in the first few weeks. I was so nervous and scared to become a father, but now that I was a single parent, I had to fulfill two roles. I didn’t know how to do it.”

“I read every ‘New parent’ book I could find and watched over 1000 hours of parent training videos – from hair braiding to nail painting to theories about coping with common problems, and then I discovered there were other fathers who faced the same problems as me. As a result of the group, I gained confidence and was able to get through this.

I love seeing pictures and reading stories about the great fathers in your community. Throughout these difficult times, you have been a great help to my daughter and me.

Both of us are happy now, and we continue to grow together every day. Now that she is 10 months old, my friends are asking me for parenting tips as a favor. We have come a long way, my daughter and I, and we owe a great deal to the group and to its members. Thank you very much from both of us.

With regards, Persephone and Richard Johnson.”

Parenting as a single parent is never easy, whether you’re a mother or a father. Anyone who does it deserves all the respect in the world!

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