Widower, 96, Knocks Out The Competition With His Smooth Dance Moves And Astounds Instructor

In addition to being an art, dancing can liberate you, teach you things about yourself, and help you deal with all the other stresses of life. The experience can also bring you closer to others, as one instructor discovered through an unusual student.

Liya Kazbekova has a long list of accomplishments. Master of Sport and 12-time Kazakhstan champion, triple World Championship finalist, and Asian Indoor Games competitor. As well as being a professional ballroom dancer, she is also a dance teacher, consultant, and choreographer. She teaches dance to young, old, and very old students in Los Angeles, California, when she is not competing.

Kazbekova posted a video of herself dancing with a remarkable student on her Instagram account on Feb. 5, 2021. Her dance partner, Tom, is 96 years old and had danced for 30 years before his wife passed away.

As shown in the clip, Tom’s looks belied his ability, and he kept pace with Kazbekova throughout the practice. Holding the dance teacher’s hand, he swayed to Wayne Gorbea’s “Sabor Sabor.” Watching him move to the beat is not just hypnotizing, but also so skillful he could compete with men half his age.

He is 96 years old and a dancer. Inspiration and motivation for me. I would like to congratulate my student, Tom. She wrote in the caption, “Once a dancer, always a dancer,” in recognition of Tom’s skills and ambition to continue learning.

The video was a hit with viewers, who praised Tom for not letting his age hold him back.

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“This is really beautiful and cool and sovereign grandpa dances very nicely!” a fan wrote.

“I hope life will always be like this.”. “Taking and giving inspiration beyond age.” Respect for all of you.” Another comment read.

Another person commented, “Amazing work, Tom.”. “Never stop dancing!””” Another user shared, “Never stop dancing!”

“This is what life is all about. Don’t forget to dance. “Listen to music, sing as much as you can, live, laugh, and love,” said another viewer.

You can always go back to things you loved in the past!!! ”””

To those who feel too self-conscious about learning the skill, Kazbekova offered some advice.

Stop judging and criticizing yourself negatively. Her first tip was to enjoy the learning process.

“Don’t view your competitors as your enemies. They may just have similar goals as you,” she continued, adding, “Stop losing your energy by taking care of other people.” Rather, focus on yourself.

In Kazbekova’s opinion, dance should be an enjoyable pastime that doesn’t stress you out.

“Focus on your joy and love for dancing. Even if you’re a competitive dancer, stop comparing yourself with others. Don’t let anything else distract you from your own dancing.”

She also advised dancers not to sweat the small stuff.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you have a pimple, gain weight or are too skinny, just work on becoming the person you want to be, but do it with pure joy and gratitude.

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