Video Creator Pieces Together 83 Old Film Dance Sequences To ‘Uptown Funk’

When “Uptown Funk” was released in 2014, it took the world by storm. The song is a collaboration between acclaimed producer Mark Ronson and singer Bruno Mars.

Mixing funk-pop, soul, disco-pop, and boogie, “Uptown Funk” became an instant worldwide sensation. A bonafide global smash hit, it topped the charts in 19 countries and reached the top 10 in another 15 countries. Among the awards it won were British Single of the Year at the Brit Awards and multiple Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year.

As iconic as the song itself was its music video. A city street was filled with Ronson, Mars, and others singing and dancing. Over 4.6 billion views make it one of the most viewed videos on YouTube! It’s an incredible feat and shows how well the song and video were received.

Since we all enjoy mashups and fresh takes, it’s no wonder Michael Binder put his own spin on the song. It was time to combine the modern jive of “Uptown Funk” with some vintage dance moves.

The finished product, which he shared on YouTube in October 2015, brought smiles to viewers’ faces and took their breath away. There were over 80 clips of dancing from various Old Hollywood movies cut to the beat of “Uptown Funk.” 

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Binder, an author and film preservation advocate, got the idea after watching a mashup of “Uptown Funk” and 100 clips from modern and older films. Binder, however, wanted to do the same, but this time with a focus on some faces and moves from the past. Rather than focusing on modern hit songs, he decided it would be more fun to focus on old musicals from Hollywood’s Golden Age. 

Despite not being able to use 100 clips, he managed 83, which is quite impressive. Watch the video to see some of Hollywood’s greatest talent, including Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland and others. In the music video, Binder seamlessly incorporated scenes from their films.

Binder did not change the tempo of the original dance scenes when creating the video. Despite this, the end result is a series of continuous dance moves that fit well with the music. You could probably convince someone that the dance scenes were filmed to “Uptown Funk” all along if the movies weren’t so old and the song wasn’t around then, even though the movies were originally made before 1953!

Whether you like old movies or not, this mashup allows you to enjoy the talented dancers of the past with a modern song. If you are, you will just be reminded of what a fabulous sense of rhythm these vintage stars had.

The clips fit perfectly with the opening beats of the song. Temple and Bill Robinson then clapped in time with the music, followed by Jean Harlow from “Red-Headed Woman.”. Their dance was from “The Littlest Rebel.” Astaire and Ginger Rogers followed them. The mashup showed that dancing can be done in many different ways, from elegant and poised to fast and frantic.

Rita Hayworth appeared in “Gilda,” Garland and Mickey Rooney in “Girl Crazy,” and Gene Kelly appeared in a variety of films. Groucho Marx, for example, is not traditionally known as a great dancer. Many of the stars appeared in clips from multiple films of theirs during the Golden Age – people such as Astaire, Rogers, Kelly and Eleanor Powell were known for their dancing skills.

Aside from its obvious entertainment value, the video could even serve as an inspiration for a younger audience to discover classic Old Hollywood films. 

In case anyone is interested in seeing more dancing scenes, the binder includes a list of every movie each dancing scene comes from. 

The unique mashup has gained a lot of attention on YouTube, as evidenced by its incredible views. The video has over 66 million views and more than half a million likes. 

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