‘Hero’ Son, 10, Saves Mom From Drowning In Pool After She Suffers A Seizure

A parent’s love knows no bounds. One mother, Lori Keeney from Oklahoma, had her child go to the end of the earth for her when he saved her. Keeney and her son Gavin were enjoying a nice morning in their backyard pool when something went horribly wrong. 

Getting out of the pool for a moment, Gavin realized that his mom wasn’t doing well. Gavin was on the porch when he heard splashes. As he ran to the pool, he saw his mom drifting to the bottom. Gavin jumped into the pool to save his mother. Until safety arrived, he was able to lift her up and keep her head above water. While waiting for his grandpa to arrive, the son carried his mother to the pool ladder. 

For saving his mom, he received an award of a lifetime. Gavin was awarded for his bravery by the Kingston Police Department. Gavin saved his mom’s life based on instinct and love. The love of Keeney’s life is now her hero as well. Her seizure and epilepsy symptoms were revealed in an interview with Good Morning America. Keeney doesn’t know whether she would have survived her seizure in the pool without her son. It was scary for Gavin, but he knew he had to save his mother. 

You can see the full video at the end of this article.

The Keeney family’s home surveillance system captured the entire traumatic ordeal. Keeney told GMA in August of 2022 that she and her son enjoyed a great morning outside. Her son had just gotten out of the pool when she went into a seizure. (Gavin) just got out of the pool, and I just went into a seizure,” Keeney said. The experience scared her more than anything she had ever experienced before. 

He knew something was wrong with his mom in the pool when he was on the porch. As he ran to check on his mom, he realized she was “sinking in the pool.” Although the heroic son acted on instinct, he admitted he was scared. “I was a little scared,” the son admitted. The fact that Gavin turned his fear into bravery wasn’t lost on anyone. Both the Oklahoma police department and the public were impressed by Gavin’s bravery. Gavin received an award for his bravery and heroic actions after saving his own mom. 

Keeney shared after the incident that Gavin is more than just her son, but her ultimate hero. A proud mom shared, “He’s definitely my hero.”. Keeney didn’t stop there. 

She also said she believes Gavin is looking out for her. The mother and son will be closer than ever after saving one another’s lives. 

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