Granddaughter captures the powerful last moments of grandparents’ 60-year love story

It is so incredible to watch the way he loved her. Choose someone who will still be your absolute best friend 60 years down the road. Who will still hold your hand in the good times, but most importantly during the bad times.

These photos may seem sad to some.

Others may enjoy the fact that they are evidence of a very strong love that existed on Earth.

According to Emily Hime, the granddaughter of the couple in the photos, it is a snapshot of “something beautiful.” The beauty of unconditional love.

The viral pictures of her grandparents embracing on her grandmother’s hospice bed were shared on Chathan-Kent Hospice’s Facebook page as a “special message of love.”

Hime posted the photos along with a post.

“I was blessed to witness something beautiful during the last few months of my Grandma’s life. It was the unconditional love between my grandparents,” Hime wrote.

Grandpa used to joke about not being able to survive without grandma since she took care of him so much.

Toward the end of her life, those roles reversed.

Grandpa had a hard time adjusting. It was a challenge for him to learn how to regularly do things he had never done before.

As a result, I have realized that the most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet… it’s grandma and grandpa. The most difficult time in grandma’s life was when grandpa stood by her side,” Hime wrote.


In addition to doing laundry and cooking, grandpa held his wife’s hand through chemotherapy, and accompanied her to every doctor’s appointment.

Hime wrote, “It’s the staff at the hospital awed by his devotion and said everyone loved watching them together, including people sitting in the waiting rooms,” he said. During her hospitalization and hospice stay, he was by her side every single day.”

As described by the American Cancer Society, hospice care aims to improve the quality of life for people with “advanced, life-limiting illnesses,” as well as their caregivers.

During one point, Grandpa thought his wife was coming home, so he asked his granddaughter to help him decorate the house with signs.

Whenever she didn’t come home, he rubbed her face and kissed her forehead.

Often he would say, “She’s more beautiful than ever. Doesn’t she look so pretty?”

Every single day, he told her how beautiful she was.

Every time he thought she might be uncomfortable, he would cry.


Even though he couldn’t bear the thought of her in pain, he never left her side.

“They had that kind of love we all aspire to have. They would have been married 60 years next month, but that wouldn’t have been enough,” Hime wrote.


When they were in their 20s, grandma and grandpa met at a cycling club in England.

Over those 60 years, that love grew stronger every day.

It was incredibly inspiring to watch how he loved her. Choose someone who would still be your best friend 60 years from now. Someone who would still hold your hand during the best times, but most importantly during the worst times. Hee wrote, “Love is being able to say “she’s the most beautiful thing and I love her so much” in front of a room full of people. That’s love.”

Below is Hime’s original post.

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