A Wedding Picture Changed One Couple’s Lives Forever

Their lives were destroyed when the seven-month-pregnant woman discovered a detail in the wedding photos that caused her to call for help. Take a look at the picture she saw.

The moment Emma and Justin Cotillard met, they fell in love.

It was the happiest moment of their lives when they tied the knot. After Emma learned she was pregnant, their lives seemed complete.

When she was in her seventh month of pregnancy, things changed. Justin became very aggressive and yelled at her. Emma was stunned when Justin told her to leave the house one morning, since Justin was the best person she had ever met, and this behavior wasn’t typical for him.

Emma recalled that he mistook her for a total stranger since he forgot I was expecting our first child.

Instead of going on honeymoon, they went to the hospital.

They ran a bunch of tests and delivered the most devastating news. Justin had a brain tumor. His aggressive behavior was due to that.

His cancer spread faster than expected, and Emma prayed to God that he would at least meet his daughter before dying.

Justin’s condition worsened soon after the baby was born. The doctors gave my spouse two weeks at home before he passed away.”

Justin’s life was saved by doctors from the moment he was diagnosed until the moment he passed away. However, the cancer was very aggressive and the symptoms were severe. As much as everyone said that there was nothing they could do, Emma believes that things could have turned out differently if they had noticed the symptoms sooner. She and late Justin did not pay much attention to his face, which was one of them.

Emma noticed something odd in one of the wedding photos. “His right half of the face is definitely lower.”

She shared Justin’s photo along with his story in an effort to raise awareness and encourage people to seek medical help right away if they suspect something is wrong. Detecting symptoms early could save lives, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

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