Heart-warming Moment: Dad With Dementia Recognizes The Bride Just In Time For The Ceremony.

In a viral Facebook video, a woman named Julia wishes for her father to walk her down the aisle. Unfortunately, her father suffers from dementia, so he did not recognize her. This heartbreaking thing can be seen in the video. It is reported that Network Media LLC and Olivia produced the video. Due to dementia, her father didn’t recognize her.

Julia, however, couldn’t stop making her big day as special as possible for her father and herself. Julia ushered her father outside just before the ceremony for a special surprise. There, the bride-to-be had a canvas with paint waiting for him. This was because Julia’s father was always an artist, and painting is the only thing that could bring him back to her.

As Dad began to lightly paint the canvas, he realized that the bride sitting next to him was Julia and began to tell her how beautiful she looked, sending both of them to tears.

Below is a video that will make you cry.

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