How smart are you? Find the odd Santa within 15 seconds

As we cross the mid-December line, we have our hands full with Christmas preparations. The clothes, decorations, presents, and everything in between.

The brain can quickly get overwhelmed, making it challenging to keep track of everything. Therefore, it might be a good idea to take a short break from all the preparations and let the brain focus on something else for a while, like brainteasers, for example.

You exercise the brain a little by solving puzzles, which helps your mind relax and rest a bit. Letting it recharge for another round of Christmas tasks.

I don’t usually care what kind of puzzle I’m solving; I just like to try anything I come across. However, I have recently discovered a new type of challenge, where the goal is to find a detail inside an image that stands out from the rest.

According to the creators, only a genius can solve these kinds of challenges within 15 seconds. It may be a bit exaggerated, but it is clearly not a simple task!

As I mentioned above, it is crucial to find the symbol that stands out. It is, therefore, essential to have full focus and a good eye for detail.

Which Santa stands out?

You can only look at the image for 15 seconds if you want to reach the “genius” threshold.

Do you see which Santa stands out in the picture below?

Did you manage to find the Santa that looks different? If not, you can see the answer is below.

Here is the answer

Didn’t find the different one? No problem, we’ll reveal where he is hiding after the picture below.

There it is! A Santa without a bell! Not easy to spot, I know. But now that you see them pointed out, it feels so obvious!

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