This picture of a farm leaves people confused: Can you spot what’s wrong?

Today, technology does almost everything for us. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is something that we humans should be proud of.

However, it is also important to also remember that since most of our thinking is done by machines and computers, our brain needs other sources of stimulation, now more than ever.

Sure, we still use our brains, but it’s mostly on stressful and repetitive tasks at work or school. Is not really something that nourishes the mind.

Therefore, it can be good to do a few brainteasers from time to time. After solving a few puzzles, I promise you’ll feel much more alert and clear-headed – which is always nice!

Brainteasers are a form of relaxation, similar to meditation or jogging. These activities help us put all our thoughts and worries aside for a few minutes. So we can recharge our batteries and jump right back into our busy lives.

Tricky picture puzzle

I found this tricky picture puzzle while surfing the net earlier today. It is pretty good and I had to think for a while before coming up with the right answer.

I found it on the site and apparently only 1 out 5 gets it right on their first try!

Can you see what’s wrong with the picture?

Below we can see a picture of a small property in the countryside. In the background, there are hills and a meadow while by the house you can see a gate, a stone wall, and several trees.

However, something is very wrong in this picture – and your task now is to find out what!

Are you prepared? Here comes the picture.

So now think about it and take a good look.

If you need a clue, I can tell you that it is worth taking a look around the chimney the trees.

If that didn’t help, don’t sweat it! We’ll reveal the answer below!

Here is the correct answer

If you have not managed to come across the correct answer, we’ll tell you right after the picture below!

The wind seems to be blowing from two different directions at the same time. The smoke from the chimney is being blown to the right, while the tallest trees are being pushed to the left instead! That shouldn’t be possible!

Did you find the correct answer?

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