Today’s Challenge: How many fish are left in the bowl?

Competitions of all kinds have attracted humans since time immemorial. It can be anything, from family dinner quizzes to sports events. Even being the quickest (or first) at solving a mathematical puzzle could earn you a good amount of pride and respect.

Riddles, in particular, have always been something I tried to set time for, at least a couple of times during the week. Sitting down with one every now and then ensures that my brain cells are exercising.

Nowadays, computers and telephones do most things for us. Especially when it comes to thinking – so once we are done, for the day, with work or school, it is important to make sure we give our bodies a much-needed dose of brain-teasing.

From crossword puzzles to riddles

Exercising the brain is vital for us to have a healthy and happy life – and for that reason, it is never a bad time to sit down with a good ‘ol brainteaser.

It can be anything, from crossword puzzles to math problems or even a funny riddle.

Image Source: Pexels

How many fish are left in the bowl?

Now I think today’s brainteaser is quite a tricky one. You may remember doing something similar back in school. But let’s see if you can think outside the box after all these years.

I ran this puzzle through the office, and only a few of us were able to find the answer. Can you handle this mystery?

Now we’ll see how it goes – the puzzle appears in the picture below!

There are ten fish in a bowl

– 2 drown

– 4 suddenly die

– 3 swim away

How many fish are left in the bowl?

Now think about it for a while. It may not be quite as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Here is the correct number of fish

Give it a good thought, so that you are confident in the answer you decide on.

Below, you can see the answer!

Image source: Pixabay

The answer: 10 fish remain in the bowl.

Because fish breathe underwater, they can’t drown – and because they are in a bowl, they can’t really swim away either. And if any of the goldfish were to die, they would of course still be in the bowl.

That is exactly what the question is about – how many are left in the bowl, not how many are alive.

Did you arrive at the correct answer by yourself? Congratulations! That means you must be quite the genius!!

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