Today’s Challenge: Which woman is lying?

Learning to interpret body language can become quite handy. At work, with your friends… anywhere really. Reading the mood and being able to retrieve information before a conversation even starts can put you at a huge advantage.

If you can read what a person really means, regardless of what they are actually saying, you’ll have the upper hand in any discussion or debate.

Is the person interested in the conversation? Does the person think you are lying? Or are they lying themselves?

There are small signs and gestures that a person who lies always lets out.

Of course, lying a lot is never okay. It’s always best to be honest, no matter the situation. The phrase “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” is one of the most memorable quotes of Shakespeare – because it fits so well. But despite that, people lie, about both big and small things.

Subconscious gestures

When someone lies to you on purpose, the person knows that their lie will be revealed if they don’t predict the possible questions you might throw at them.

When we are kids, we learn that it is wrong to lie and when we lie, we have this sense of guilt engraved into us.

This means that we, subconsciously, give off small signals that reveal the fact that we are not telling the truth.

Our body language simply betrays us.

Can you see who is lying?

In the picture below we can see four women. They all hold their hands in different ways that individually say something about how they feel.

Can you see which of these women is lying?

Image source: Fabiosa Digest

Can you figure it out?

A little clue: There may be more than one woman lying.


Do you have your answer ready? You’ll see the correct explanation down below.

Woman 1.

Image source: Fabiosa Digest

Explanation:  This woman is probably not lying. Her open hands indicate that she is relaxed and has nothing to hide.

Woman 2.

Image source: Fabiosa Digest

Explanation: Here we see something suspicious. The woman is pulling her ear, which indicates nervousness, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands. This woman is lying!

Woman 3.

Image source: Fabiosa Digest

Explanation: This woman is very interested in the conversation. She listens carefully and takes in what you say to her. Her interest suggests she’s not lying to you.

Woman 4.

Image source: Fabiosa Digest

Explanation: Here, we are dealing with a liar. According to experts, a hand to the mouth is the clearest sign that someone is lying. She hides her mouth because she knows that what comes out of it is not true.

So two women are lying, number two and number four.

Did you manage to figure out who was lying before looking at the answer? 

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