Today’s Challenge: Few people can solve this one within 10 seconds

If you want to live a long and happy life, there is more to think about than exercising and drinking a lot of water. It is just as important to keep the brain in good condition, especially when you get a bit older. In my opinion, the best way to accomplish this is to solve a few brainteasers every day.

There are, thanks to the internet, millions of puzzles to choose from. From the more traditional crossword puzzles and sudoku to the trendy optical illusion and visual puzzles.

All of them are readily available, so we can share and compete with friends and family. So much fun!

Challenging yourself on the regular is great for the brain – in addition, it is fun to pick bring out your competitiveness every now and then.

You will notice a clearer mind afterward, which is always welcome!

Can you solve this puzzle?

Recently, visual puzzles have taken over the web. The goal of these challenges is to detect details or errors in a particular image.

The picture below, for example, took me a while to figure out. I had to think carefully before finding what was wrong with it.

Now the question is: can you do it in less than ten seconds?

Look at the picture below and try to find the error – you only have ten seconds!

Did you see it? Congratulations to you in that case!

Did you not find it? No worries. Most people do not succeed in that small amount of time.

Here is the answer

In the picture below, you’ll be able to see the answer.

There’s the error!

The left train lacks an engine car!

Not easy to spot in less than ten seconds!

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