Mother of 6 Single-Handedly Saves Every Single Child From a Fire

Emma Schols, a mother of six from Sweden, went back and forth inside and out of the flaming house wearing only her underpants to save her children.

Against all chances, she survived with severe burns to 93 percent of her body. At the Swedish Heroes’ Gala last month, she was crowned Lifeguard of the Year 2020.

Emma Schols, a 31-year-old mother of six, slept alone at home with her children. She suddenly heard a fire on the basement level of the home, where two of her younger kids were sleeping.

Just as she was about to enter the front door, the fire received the air it required to explode!

She shielded the lads by flinging herself over them like a shield. She felt like her entire back was on fire as she was struck by the flames. She did not, however, abandon her objective. She tossed the lads out the front door and locked them in so they couldn’t get back in. They were astounded.

Then there was a fire that spread across the stairwell. She was certain she wouldn’t make it through each stage, but she understood it had to be possible because her children were still present. Her feet were burning as she ascended the stairwell.

Nellie, her 9-year-old daughter, had leapt from the second floor to seek assistance from a neighbor. The eldest son, William, 11, attempted to drop a ladder so that those who remained might get out.

Mollie, Emma’s youngest daughter, was not on the balcony, which Emma noted.

She reasoned that if she stayed much longer, she wouldn’t be living, therefore she had to attempt to get her out.

The sons on the balcony were attempting to sway Emma’s decision and persuade her not to return to the burning house. She had made up her mind, though, and had dragged herself into the bedroom on the run.

When all her children were safe, she felt the pain coming all at once and she collapsed. She said that now that all of her children had been removed, she could die in peace.

Thankfully, she survived, and her children would not have survived the fire if she hadn’t been such a hero.

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