Man Says He Refuses To Give Up His Seat For Pregnant Women Because Of Long Working Hours

A young man refuses to give up his seat on the bus for pregnant women because of his long working hours. This is just another example of the assholes that draw opinions from the Internet, but this time from a young man in New York.

When the man returned home, he told his family about his experience on the bus with the pregnant woman, and his parents and sister were upset by his actions. So he posted the story on Reddit to see if the internet agreed with him or not, and he did.

He explained that he works 10-hour shifts, has his feet to himself all day and takes the bus to work. He has completely demolished his car and has to wait for insurance, so he rushes to the buses to work, he said.

One night, a heavily pregnant woman came along the way and the closest he had to a seat was one of the few available seats. He enjoyed his tired body and aching feet, but he did not mention the 15-20 minutes he walked to the bus. With no time to sit down and rest on the bus, he left his seat for the rest of his working day.

“I don’t know what to do about it, but I’m going to have to deal with it for the rest of my life”, he said in an interview with the New York Times.

I had my headphones on and tried to pretend I couldn’t see her, but when she started talking to me it was inevitable. She started to make pleading eyes, so I had to bow to her pleas: “I’m sorry”.

I calmly told her no and explained the situation, but then it got ugly : “The woman cried when she explained that she was a single mother. I calmly explained my situation to her, and then I had to leave because I was sorry”.

I live in a state where birth control and abortion are free, so I don’t know why that should be a problem for me. It is not my fault that she chose to have a baby when she cannot afford a car, and it is not her fault that it was not chosen for her.

As they were walking back and forth, the older man yelled at him, called him a worthless punk, and stood up to offer him a seat. The bus suddenly came to a halt, causing her to fall, but the couple kept screaming and shouting their names.

Most Reddit users agreed with him that he was wrong to refuse to give up his seat, but he pretended to ignore them until he could get to the stop.

Many pointed out that although you can be tired after 10 hours on your feet, a pregnant woman is more likely to get injured if she falls. I know that a high pregnancy really changes the balance, not to mention all the stressful things. Don’t ask me to be nice to you because you are pregnant.

I bet he’s a really nice guy, but his selfish and grumpy manner has killed heavily pregnant women. He has also made comments about contraception, abortion and donkey farming.

Many have pointed out that what he said afterwards was rude, insensitive and simply wrong and that there are other people who could have offered her a place. I suppose it is not necessarily the wrong choice, but it would certainly be a seat that other peoples could give up.

The remark about abortion has caused most anger among commentators, but many have pointed out that he is not well acquainted with the situation. Maybe his car is a business and his attitude is so terrible that he is the only one doing this.

Hopefully this young man will learn from this experience and not refuse to give up his seat in the future. While the user says he doesn’t think he gave up the seat, the comment makes him a bad person in retrospect.

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  1. Please….really?! Who raised you punk?! Who cares about births being free?? I bet your Mother was NEVER done this way?? Prick!!

  2. Pregnancy is not a disability. Men are not required to give up their seat because a woman spread her legs for somebody without a car.