Mom Reveals An Intriguing Story Behind The Hidden Love Letter Her Son Finds While Cleaning House

The teenager found a love letter describing a long-hidden affair when he accidentally smashed a few tiles while cleaning.

Loukas Cornes, 14, and his mother Dawn Cornes, 48, from Preston found a letter accidentally while cleaning their house. “My son was cleaning his room when his 55″ TV fell from his dresser and smashed a few tiles.” Dawn Cornes said.

Source: Jam Press

Dawn Cornes and her son were delighted to find the letter, and delighted to discover the intriguing story behind it. “We thought it was a very sweet love letter, and were happy to discover it.”, she said.

Source: Jam Press

It appears from the letter captured and posted online that this letter was written by a man whose surname is said to be Habgood or Halgood. In his letter, he asks his married lover to keep their relationship a secret. Dawn posted the letter on a Facebook group, where other members deciphered it for her.

Source: Jam Press

It has no date, but it is thought to be written 100 years ago. Dawn told that her house might have been built in 1917 and she only moved into this house this year. The paper size and writing style would suggest the letter is from the 1920s. Additionally, a tram that has not run in the city for over 80 years meets the couple mentioned in the letter at Fulwood Tram Corner. A few locals tried to track Ronald down using online archives but were only able to find vague matches.

Source: The sun

A letter posted online by Dawn has attracted a lot of attention from thousands of likes and comments from netizens. Dawn and her son intend to keep the letter as a memento and frame it for the wall.

Source: Jam Press

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