A Mother Gives Birth to Her 16th Child, and All Her Children Have Names Starting with the Letter “C”

A mother of 15 has delivered her 16th child – and all of the children’s names begin with ‘C.’

Patty Hernandez has given birth to a baby boy and has decided to name him Clayton. This is Patty’s 15th child and the family says that the mum-of-15 never thought she would have such a large family, but doesn’t use contraception and really enjoys being pregnant.

You might be interested in the full list of her children’s names?

Carlos Jr, 13, Christopher, 12, Carla, 10, Caitlyn, 10, Cristian, 9, Celeste, 8, Cristina, 7, Calvin, 6, Catherine, 6, Carol, 5, Caleb, 4, Caroline, 4, Camilla, 3, Charlie, 1, and Crystal, four months.

Carlos was by his wife’s side when she gave birth to their latest child Source:mirror.co.uk

Patty, the creator of her own cleaning company, says that even though she often feels overwhelmed by her huge family, it’s a blessing from God

Patty, said she feels like her large family is a “blessing” from God. She added: “God has blessed us with all these kids. I know some people don’t agree and there are nasty comments online but for us it’s a big blessing.”

Carlos was by his wife’s side on May 5 when she gave birth to Clayton, he weighed 3.6 kg.

Patty is a model mom – she gave birth to her first at 40 weeks pregnant. The other nurses at the hospital recognized her when she was admitted for labor. But Patty and her husband are still in the process of learning how to manage their kids’ diet, spending around US$13 million per two weeks on food!

The children range in age from 13 to zero Source: mirror.co.uk

The family business is their cleaning business, which is doing well enough to pay the bills. And they’re hoping that their eldest son Carlos Jr. will be able to help out soon!

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