A Woman Who Gave Birth To Triplets After Becoming One Of The Uk’s Youngest Surrogates At 21

A selfless mother became one of the UK’s youngest surrogates and gave birth to triplets.

Shaniece Sturdy was just 21 years old when she gave birth to the three children for Joanna and Steve.

She helped a couple who were eager to have a child after seeing a TV program about them.

Shaniece approached a surrogacy center in order to help some hopeful parents, and there she met a married couple, Joanna and Steve.

Shaniece, who owns a cleaning company, was eager to help the couple realize their dream of having children.

Shaniece when she was pregnant with the triplets ( Image: mirror.co.uk/Caters)

Because she was anxious to help them complete their family, she traveled to Los Angeles to get their embryo implanted.

Sharnice, who has already started her own cleaning business, was shocked when midwives discovered not one, but three heartbeats.

Shaniece contacted a surrogacy centre and came across Joanna and Steve. She was desperate to help them have one child – but gave them three. Above, a scan showing two of the triplets

Joanna and Steve, who live in the United Kingdom, were thrilled to learn they were expecting triplets, and Shaniece now visits them every birthday.

She was taken to the hospital when her waters ruptured on Halloween, 33 weeks into her pregnancy.

As the concerned mother remembered, Joanna accompanied her to the theatre. “Even though I was frightened, all I was concerned about was the safety and health of the kids,” she said.

“The triplets were rushed to the hospital, but were fine, as they weighed 4 lb 2 oz, 3 lb 7 oz, and 3 lb 11 oz, respectively.”

They were admitted to critical care but were released a week later.

Every year, Shaniece visits the gorgeous triplets for their birthdays in order to stay in touch.

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