The Man Thought Pregnancy was Easy, So He Tried To Prove It To His Pregnant Wife

The TikToker used a lot of Saran wrap to hold the three melons together on his torso, mimicking a pregnant woman’s body.

When women are pregnant, they look their absolute best until they give birth, which is considered a wonderful journey. There are however many things that people forget to talk about, including morning sickness that doesn’t just occur in the morning, acne, hair loss, cravings, mood swings, and especially the changes a woman’s body goes through while pregnant. Predictions about the beauty of pregnancy tend to come from men who believe that the responsibilities of being a dad are the most difficult part of being a dad. This Tiktoker may have been one of those people when he decided to show his partner that walking around with a big belly isn’t as difficult as they thought.

The Australian couple Maitland and Jessica work as content creators in Brisbane and are known to prank each other hilariously. The couple recently announced that they were going to become parents.

Source: Instagram maitlandhanley

Maitland pretended to be pregnant for a day to prove to his partner that pregnancy would not be a big deal Accordingly, the overconfident man attached a large watermelon to his belly and two smaller ones to his chest to make it appear as if he had enlarged breasts. The three melons were held together on this TikToker’s body with a lot of saran wrap.

Source: Instagram maitlandhanley
Source: Instagram maitlandhanley

In his first day as a pregnant man, Maitland couldn’t even get out of bed because of his growing belly! Additionally, he realized that it was difficult to get out of the bath or the car. He had to work hard to pull himself out of these situations. However, he had no trouble putting on some shoes. He also made sure to do push-ups while working out. The husband used his fake pregnancy to order junk food simply because he was “craving” it.

Source: Instagram maitlandhanley

Jessica gave birth to a wonderful baby boy named Aizen Kai Hanley! Although it was just a joke, it shed some light on the struggles women face during pregnancy.

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