Woman Woke Up In Swell Lips After This Creature Crawled Onto Her Face While She Slept

A 21-year-old woman suffered huge lips after a centipede crawled on to her face and bit her on the mouth while she slept.

Nataly Galdino, from São Vicente, Brazil, woke up in “unbearable pain” and spent two days in the hospital.

Nataly described her ‘Angelina Jolie’ lips experience on Instagram. She said, “I was sleeping and, in the middle of the night, I felt something prick my upper lip. I saw that it was stuck to blanket and the claw in my mouth.”.

In unbearable pain, the girl tried for five seconds to get it unstuck. Finally, she got up, turned on the light, and saw her cut mouth and the giant centipede on the deck.

Source: Jam Press

Although she knew some pain from centipede venom isn’t harmful to humans, Nataly was worried due to the location of the bite around her mouth. Nataly also experienced shortness of breath after the bite on 11 October.

Source: Jam Press

It was a really “nerve-racking” experience for Nataly since she had no idea what centipedes were, whether their venom was poisonous, or whether she would die.

Source: Jam Press

“My mouth immediately swelled and I ran to the hospital. I was medicated for pain and allergy,” said Nataly. She returned home and deflated for two days.

As a result of this terrible experience, one can see that keeping an eye out for creatures like humidity around your home is very important. You should pay more attention to prevent experiencing such a terrible experience in the future!

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