Woman First Wears Wedding Dress At The Age Of 97, ‘Witnesses Cannot Control Their Tears’

In 1944, a 97-year-old woman got married without a wedding dress. On her 77th wedding anniversary, she was able to wear a beautiful white gown.

On September 16, 1944, Frankie King, 97, married her husband. They celebrated 77 years of marriage in September! Their wedding ceremony was reenacted in Iowa at Hospice St. Croix where Frankie is staying. Because Frankie didn’t have a wedding dress when she first married, the staff there found one for her to wear.

Source: Facebook St. Croix Hospice

During the event, a staff member and photographer named Hilary Michelson captured the event beautifully.

As Hilary shared, “I struggled to keep from crying behind the lens as I got to witness the emotion with this beautiful couple, as well as the love and compassion their team poured into making this day so special.”

After Frankie’s daughter helped her into her wedding dress, Sue Bilodeau helped her leave for the altar.

Frankie looked so beautiful! Frankie was walking towards her husband at the hospice center while the music therapist played 1940s songs.

Source: Facebook St. Croix Hospice
Source: Facebook St. Croix Hospice

“The light in her eyes – I wish everyone could have seen it,” said Kaice Derr, a St. Croix Hospice Aide. She said she felt so beautiful.

It was a touching experience to be there. “I’ve never worked for a company that did something so wholesome and heartfelt for someone.”

A photographer, Hilary, also shared how heartwarming this experience was for her.

Source: Facebook St. Croix Hospice

As she said, “My experience with end-of-life care has given me so many valuable experiences”. “The most important of them all is that one day, we’ll only have these little moments frozen in time.” “That’s what motivates me behind the camera – capturing those memories for families.” She added.

The staff at the hospice center made this special moment a reality for Frankie’s family. Frankie’s daughter, Sue, posted on social media: “Words cannot express how thankful we are to the amazing staff at St. Croix for making this day possible.” I saw my Mom looking in her mirror prior to the ceremony and saw my Dad’s eyes light up when he saw Mom in her beautiful dress. We were in tears.” That was such an amazing moment! A reminder how important community and love are!

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