Albino Sisters With A Twelve-Year Age Difference Gain Internet Fame With Modeling Photos

Albino sisters who are 12 years apart in age. They were once ridiculed for their physical appearance, but now they are the most attractive models. Albinism is a group of inherited disorders that results in little or no production of the pigment melanin, which can affect the color of the skin, hair, and eyes. Therefore, all forms of albinism affect eye development and function. (Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center)

“God opens a new window when he closes one.” Asel, 14 years old, and Kamila, 2 years old, are sisters from Kazakhstan. Since they were children, they have been subjected to mocking and insinuating stares because of their albinism. Her mother, Aimen Sarkitova, was also shocked when her sisters were born. She had no idea what was going on when everything seemed normal.

“People are surprised by the sisters who were born pre-white,” said Aimen Sarkitova. People are baffled by this. The children’s father is also a Rsian, doctors believe.

Asel (left, top row) has an 8-year-old sibling who has a dark complexion. The elder brother is equally puzzled by why his older sister is so different from him. They later discovered that they had relatives who possessed the Albinism gene.

Despite being born as an albino, Asel is just like any other child. She has white hair, eyes, and skin, and can’t be exposed to too much sunlight. Asel was teased a lot at first because she didn’t know how to deal with the situation alone. At one time, Asel was approached by an advertiser to shoot for an advertisement, and her great life began. Asel is now a well-known model, and she takes her younger sister to a photoshoot.

As a model, Asel developed confidence and generosity. She stood fearlessly in front of the camera to show off her unique side.

She now has approximately 70,000 Instagram followers, and the “pre white” sisters are attracting more and more followers. While Asel’s younger brother is also eager to introduce them to others, Asel’s sister and her younger sister are different. When you smile at life, you will find greater happiness.

When you feel insecure or like you don’t measure up, remind yourself how far you’ve come. Then you will realize you have climbed mountains and can overcome any obstacle.” Brittany Brgnder is a writer living in the United States. When you smile at life, you will be happier.

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