This Is The Real Story Behind The Viral Photo That Made The Mom Mocked On The Internet

She has retaliated after a guy shared a photo of her on Facebook without her permission. In 2016, Molly Lensing and her two-month-old baby were stranded in a Colorado airport.

An anonymous male passerby shared the mother and child’s picture on Facebook after hours of delays and several rebookings.

In this picture, Molly is seen sitting with her phone in hand, and her son is lying at her feet on a blanket.

“Albert Einstein stated, ‘I fear the day when technology will take on our humanity…’” the guy captioned the photo.

A photo of Molly went viral, resulting in backlash.

In response, others publicly chastised and humiliated her for leaving her infant on the floor.

Sadly, this mother only learned about the photo after it had been shared 65,000 times.

Molly was unwittingly exploited by strangers who didn’t know what was going on. The strangers teased her for not caring for her child.

Molly finally spoke up not long after… She explained that we were stranded in the thick of the Delta computer shutdown.

The weary mother placed the newborn on the ground to stretch before the shot was taken. Also, she tried to notify her anxious relatives about the delay.

She spent 20 hours in airports with her two-month-old baby Anastasia after flights were repeatedly delayed and rescheduled.

“Anastasia had been in her carrier for several hours,” she said. Her arms were tired. She needed some rest. I also had to speak with the rest of the family, who wondered where we were.


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  1. Bless your heart and your precious baby’s heart ❤ You must’ve been overwhelmed and exhausted. But us Moms have to sometimes just keep on keeping on regardless of everything. The Lord was with you Sweetheart. Don’t you dare listen to the ugly comments and naysayers sticking their judgmental noses where they don’t belong!!! POO on ALL of them!!! YOU just do what you knis right and do it the best you can, and you’ll be just fine. Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!❤