Disabled Teen Visits Late Mother’s Grave To Celebrate Milestone: “I Did It, I Graduated Today!”

A young person’s graduation is a pretty special occasion, and most people would want to celebrate it with loved ones. Although he didn’t have his special person by his side, one teen completed his education and graduated. The teen with Down syndrome lost his mother a few years ago, but did not lose hope. He kept working hard and did well in school. After graduating, he decided to pay tribute to his mother. He dressed in slacks, a long-sleeved collared shirt, and a tie to look his best for the big event. He then walked to her grave and placed a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers on her gravestone.

The teen not only left flowers by his mother’s gravestone, but he also spoke to her. The teen told his mother, “I did it, I graduated today, and I know you’ll be so proud of me and so happy and I love you so much,” as captured on camera. This moment is so heartwarming you’ll want to reach for a box of tissues. He placed the bouquet of flowers against her headstone after speaking to her in spirit and even gave her a kiss. After kissing his fingertips, he touched her headstone to show his love for her.

I think the boy’s gesture is a reminder that sometimes it is important to show gratitude and love even when someone you care about is gone. People often take their families for granted, but this sweet teen shows us how it’s done. Even though his mother wasn’t there in person to share the moment, he still honors her in every way he can. It must have been a bittersweet moment for him. There is no doubt that visiting her grave on such a happy day must have been difficult for him. However, we’re glad he did. Even if they’re no longer around, it’s important to share your best moments with those who leave. As for his mother, we’re pretty sure she’s looking down on him and is so proud of her wonderful son.

Watch the video below!

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