SEVEN Teachers At An Elementary School In Kansas Became Pregnant At The Same Time

Seven educators from an elementary school in Kansas became pregnant at the same time.

They didn’t plan anything, yet they are both expecting babies within months and even weeks of one another.

Ashley Miller, principal at Oak Street Elementary in Goddard, joked that they need ‘a sponsorship from like Pampers or Huggies’ after lining up substitutes for the seven teachers on maternity leave, KSN reported.

The school’s Facebook page announced the pregnancies earlier this week.

‘We are so excited to welcome these EIGHT tiger cubs into the #265 family! We counted correctly,’ the school’s page read before noting that one of the teachers is expecting twins.

‘To me, it just becomes comical because it was a lot when there were three of us and then four and five and then seven of us,’ Tara Johnson, who teaches fourth grade at the school, told KSN.

The number of simultaneous pregnancies in the school has led to a lot of jokes in the school, like the ‘don’t drink the water’ joke.

After I told her I was pregnant, I said, “By the way, I drank the water,” said Tiffany Schmidt, a third grade teacher who is also expecting.

Kelli Johnson, a fourth-grade teacher who is also pregnant, said their synchronistic timing reinforces their belief that the entire school is one big family.

‘To be experiencing life with these ladies I love so much is really, really cool and a fun experience,’ Johnson said.

The teachers have due dates between March and October.

You might think this is a rare, one-in-a-million type of phenomenon, but it’s not!

Seven firefighters from North Carolina Fire Department are also expecting at the same time.

As soon as the news broke, photographer Brianna Mitschele arranged a photo shoot for the seven pregnant women as they posed in the uniforms of their husbands at Salisbury Fire Department.

Additionally, each woman held a onesie bearing the name of her baby and the station number.

As Mitschele wrote on her blog, “we took a bunch of fun group shots during the session, and right as we were finishing up, a medical call caused the rescue truck to leave with the lights flashing and the air horn blaring.”.

You won’t believe that nine nurses at Maine Medical Center are also pregnant at the same time.

In a Facebook post, the hospital shared an adorable photo of the expecting nurses.

Nurses have their due dates between April and July.

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