The Longest Living Married Couple “A Sharp Word Once In A While Maybe, But It Didn’t Last”

A couple in the United States shared the secret to their 86-year marriage after celebrating their 86th anniversary!

Ralph Kohler, 104, and Dorothy Kohler, 103, celebrated their anniversary on September 16th this year. That is 86 years of marital bliss!

During that time, the couple built a large, beautiful family that consisted of three children, six grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

They were married again in 1935 in Tekamah, Nebraska. Dorothy was 17 years old, and Ralph was 18 years old, but they were young and deeply in love.

At first, the court official denied the couple a marriage license because he thought they were too young to get married. After that, they got married somewhere else.

The key to a lifetime of happiness for Dorothy and Ralph is “togetherness”. Despite enjoying different hobbies, they learned about what the other was interested in. In this way, they could participate in each of the hobbies together.

Ralph enjoys clay target s.h.o.o.t.i.n.g, but Dorothy enjoys ballroom dancing. The couple decided to involve themselves in both hobbies at the beginning of their marriage. They became fierce competitors in each sport, and they have won hundreds of awards both in dancing and trap s.h.o.o.t.i.n.g .

Ralph mentioned how little they argued when sharing about his life with Dorothy. “Once in a while maybe, but it didn’t last,” he said. The story is a beautiful demonstration of a long-lasting and loving marriage. After 86 years of marriage and being recognized as the longest-living married couple in the country, these two have quite a lot to celebrate!

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