Dad Can’t Stop Crying Happy Tears When Daughter Surprises Him After Almost 3 Years Apart

Recently, a beloved dad has warmed hearts online when his daughter surprised him after nearly three years apart. The man was overcome with emotion for hours on end. The video ( shows Jordyn Rassi 26, sneaking up onto the porch of her father William Nutting Jr.

As William, known as JR, stepped outside, Jordyn waited with her husband, Tyler. Seeing his daughter for the first time, JR, 59, screamed, “OH MY GOD!”. OMG!””OMG!”” threw down his hat and glasses in shock.

After that, he ran across the porch to give Jordyn a huge hug, sobbing on her shoulder.

Jordyn then recorded her dad in his living room, kitchen, and even in a restaurant – each time the moment hit him, and he would have to wipe away tears once again.

The surprise took place on May 22. Jordyn, who lives in South Bend, Indiana, hadn’t seen her father since August 2018.

Among the reasons for the separation was work scheduling, unforeseen medical bills, and then the pandemic.

I was super excited to see him again since it had been so long, but I was also excited to see his reaction, since I know my dad and knew it would be priceless.

“I was so happy.

“It was even better than I imagined, and I’m so glad we caught it on camera.

This is a memory I will treasure forever.

He definitely shed a lot of happy tears because he is very emotional.

Before I started recording his reactions again, he welled up again and got excited.

“They were too precious not to – and this continued for the rest of the night.

“Either he’d be doing something and look over at me, or I would leave and return, and he would either start to well up again, say  ‘There’s my daughter, she’s really here!’ to my stepmom, or just point and smile in disbelief as my stepmom and husband watched.”

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