Grandpa Unintentionally Roasts Granddaughter In Text Messages

A woman shared a message where her grandfather savagely roasted her after reading an article. If you laugh and you’re over 25, he’s coming for you next.

Megan Elizabeth shared a screenshot of her grandfather’s text message on TikTok that left everyone feeling low.

It is perhaps Grandpa’s gentle reminder of her single life that is the best so far, but there are many other gems he has dropped and Megan has been kind enough to share.

Grandpa also encourages a healthy lifestyle…in his own way.

He also pays attention to her mental health, which is very important.

Safety online is also not something to take lightly.

Megan assures us that as uncomfortably blunt as these directions seem, this is just grandpa’s way to show he cares.

Grandpa’s ability to text for her and his speculation about his struggles won over many people.

“Everything he said sounded wrong, but I knew it came from the heart.”

“How can this be so mean yet so sweet at the same time.

“Y’all know it probably took him 20 mins to type each one,”


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Megan said in follow-up videos about her grandfather, “He and my grandmother have always been my biggest supporters.”. “They taught me to always believe in myself and live my life to the fullest.”


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