Poor Mom Gets A Tattoo Of A Drawing She Thought Her Son Did, Only To Find Out It’s Not True

Tiktok’s recent challenge asks people to share the reasons behind their meaningless tattoos. A woman named @th3victorygarden won the trophy after showing a tattoo she got thinking it was her son’s drawing. Her son, 6, never drew it and now she is stuck with it forever.

Mom gets son’s drawing tattooed, but later discovers it’s not his.

The Tiktok app keeps us all hooked with its trendy challenges. The newest one is where people share their meaningless tattoos and why they got them. @pigeonsandfrie started the trend, which has become quite popular on the app.

All the stories are hilarious, but one caught our attention: a mother who proudly got a tattoo of her son’s drawing.

@th3victorygarden uploaded a clip to her Tiktok account showing her ‘meaningless’ tattoo on her t-shirt sleeve. A tattoo depicts a pirate cove with a giant rock that looks like a skull next to a palm tree on her arm.

Image: th3victorygarden/TIKTOK

Poor mom thought her son did it.

As a result, she got the design thinking it was made by her 6-year-old son. In fact, it was made by her son’s friend.

In the video, the mum says, “My son’s friend drew this.”.

“I thought it was my son.”

Image: th3victorygarden/TIKTOK

The video went viral on Tiktok

with the caption: “Kevin, age 6, crayon.”

In another video, she shared how she never told Kevin’s parents about the tattoo of his drawing.

It has already been viewed 200,000 times.

A lot of people liked it and thought it was cool.

A person wrote, “Ok, but it’s dope.”

SOMEONE wrote “A painting my son made in art class hung in a frame in my kitchen for 10 years before he told me that it wasn’t his. The teacher handed them back wrong.”

“That’s hilarious,” said a third person.

Someone found the whole situation priceless; “But that is somehow a better story than your son drawing it. That is f-ing priceless.”.

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