This Woman’s Responses To A Man Who Told Her She’d Be ‘Perfect If She Lost Weight’ Are Going Viral On The Internet

Dating apps are awkward and it’s hard to get matched with someone worth meeting. Katie Tiktoker loves to share her witty responses to weird people on dating apps, and honestly, we should take notes.

A woman is being praised for her hilarious response to a guy who told her she needs to lose weight

Woman Has The Best Response To Man Who Told Her She'd Be 'Perfect If She Lost Weight'

Katie Lacie has been praised for her witty reply to a guy on a dating app. It seems that this guy, who was a trainer, told Katie that she should lose ‘like seven pounds’ to be perfect.

The not-so-poor guy might think Katie would take it as constructive criticism, but the Tiktoker made it clear that this method won’t work here.

The conversations on dating apps are really awkward. You hope that this is the one, but sooner or later you get disappointed.

Katie is a therapist who loves to share dating app tips and tricks with others

On her Tiktok account, Katie shares her responses to weirdos on the dating apps and it gives us advice.

She describes how an unknown guy told her she would be ‘perfect if she lost seven pounds’, before complimenting her with the phrase “you’re really pretty.”.

We do not know whether the conversation started like that or whether the guy ended up discussing her weight. Displeased by the comment, Katie asked her match to explain what he meant. He apologized and then told her he was a personal trainer.

Katie was quite upset by his rude comment and told him that if he were a different person he would be perfect. When she assured him that she was a therapist, she ‘had the credentials to recognize poor character. The poor man was beaten at his own game. Katie responded that this was ‘no way to talk to a man’, but he made it clear she had only seen him as a ‘boy’ after their conversation.


He had the credentials to body shame me though. ##onlinedating ##tinder ##bumble ##dating♬ original sound – Katie Lacie

The guy should have left the conversation by now, but he wrote “I know a way you can make it up to me and also lose the weight.”. Katie blocked him, but the users on the Internet are praising her for tricking the guy.

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