Woman Left In Tears After Spending $300 On A Haircut That Made Her Look Like Karen

A makeover usually makes people feel like a brand new person in the best possible way. It can also give you a new sense of self-confidence and make you feel absolutely beautiful. While makeovers can be time-consuming and expensive at times, most people hope they will be worth it in the end. Unfortunately, one woman was not so lucky.

@icarlyreboot spent an astonishing $300 on her new makeover on TikTok. She expected to be blown away by the end result after spending that kind of money. Not only was the makeover everything she didn’t want, it made her look like someone who always asks for the manager. TikTok comedian Karen was heartbroken when she saw her new look and referred to herself as a Karen.

Although she couldn’t believe that she had such a poor haircut after spending so much money, she made jokes to help ease her discomfort. A woman couldn’t stop laughing and crying at her atrocious new haircut, and she tried to embrace her new look and personality to go with it. On Sept. 9, 2021, she uploaded a video on TikTok mocking herself for her new hairstyle, and the video has since gone viral. The woman, who was dissatisfied with her new appearance, found a way to laugh at herself and has been making people laugh all over the world ever since.

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She Is Terrified Of Her Haircut

Many people expect to feel absolutely amazing after getting a makeover or haircut, and are eager to look in the mirror afterward. @icarlyreboot, a TikTok user, was not affected by this. She describes herself as a “tattooed comedian with no will to live” and uploads plenty of funny videos to her TikTok account. The video of her reacting to a horrible haircut has been one of her most popular thus far.

As she stared in horror at her new look while sitting in her car on Sept. 9, 2021, the comedian referred to herself as a Karen in her TikTok. Previously, her hair was a dark brown color that reached her chin. She developed a new personality to match her new look with just $300.

Her hair had been cut a few inches and dyed a strawberry blonde color, but not all of her hair was properly dyed and blended. The results were definitely not what she had expected. The comedian said in her TikTok video, “I just paid $300 to look like a f***ing Karen.”

Her new self-described Karen couldn’t stop crying every time she looked at her hair, but she couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous she looked as well. Even though she was in such a frustrating situation, she managed to find a silver lining and began to embrace her new looks to cheer herself up. Her haircut gave her the Karen persona, and the comedian was now ready to move forward.

She Embraced Her New Look

As she mentally prepared to become Karen, the comedian performed a small performance inside her car while still crying and laughing. “Okay, let’s practice saying ‘Let me speak to your manager,'” she said.  “Oh my God, why does God f***ing h.a.t.e me!”

icarlyreboot uploaded a new TikTok about how weird it’s becoming an overnight viral sensation on Sept. 20, 2021. “I think it’s hilarious,” she said. The comedian also credited her haircut as something that is helping her grow her comedy career, and currently has 189,000 followers. We’re glad to see her in such good spirits about the situation!

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