20-year-old Girl Has To Live On Wheelchair Forever After Her “Jealous” Friend Threw Her 25ft From Bridge

When the girl was hurled 25 feet off a bridge by a “jealous” friend, she now has to use a wheelchair forever, but she said “it’s made her a better person.”

Emily Holliday, 20, suffered catastrophic injuries while she was walking home after a night in Solihull, Birmingham, with friends in September 2018.

As Emily and her friends approached a canal bridge, a 17-year-old friend acted irrationally and jealously toward her – accusing her of cheating on her boyfriend. The boy suddenly snatched her up and threw her over the side of the bridge – and Emily plummeted to the ground 25ft below, landing on the canal path. On impact, Emily claims she heard a ‘massive crack’ from her spine and says she remembers every ‘agonizing’ second of the fall. She was immediately taken to Birmingham Hospital, West Midlands.

Source: SWNS

At that time, she received the devastating news that her spinal cord had been severed and she would never walk again.

I remember the moment he threw me, then landing and hearing a huge ‘crack’. I couldn’t feel anything, but I knew it wasn’t good. “When I awoke, doctors told me I would never walk again.” Emily said.

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As a result, the teen admitted to wounding and was sentenced to a two-year youth rehabilitation order, which avoided incarceration.

Emily shares that she was disappointed and didn’t think it was fair that he completely changed her life as a result of this punishment

“I lost everything – I no longer have a social life. But I feel so fortunate to be here. I was given a second chance at life.” she said.

Source: SWNS

Fortunately, the girl still struggles with daily pain – but remains positive and hopeful.

She shared her story on Tik Tok and inspires others. 3.5 million people watched her video.

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