Heartbreaking photos show grieving bride at fiance’s grave on day they were to wed

It is very difficult to heal the pain of losing someone close to your heart, especially if it is someone you had planned to spend your whole life with. Some choose to distract themselves from the pain by getting busy at work, while others find ways to keep their memory alive.

Others are strong enough to acknowledge the loss in their own way. A young woman grieving the death of her fiancé found a special way to do just that.

The day before she was supposed to marry the man of her dreams, Jessica Padgett knelt in her wedding dress and wept as she touched his gravestone with her forehead.

She wanted to honor what was supposed to be a joyous day with her late fiance, Kendall Murphy, 27, a volunteer firefighter who was lost his life last November by a suspected drunk driver.

On Nov. 10, Murphy was responding to a car crash on a rural road in southern Indiana when he was struck and killed by a fellow firefighter arriving at the scene.

Murphy suddenly left the lives of his family and friends, as well as Padgett who was planning her future with her fiancé in mind.

Ten months after his tragic passing, she braved the occasion in his honor by wearing her wedding dress on the day she had planned to wear it.

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