My wonderful husband of 12 years, Bill, want to marry me.

Recently, something wonderful happened.

Bill, my wonderful husband of 12 years, told me he wanted to marry me. As most of you reading this will know, Bill has lived with dementia for nine years. The past year or so, Bill has been unaware of our relationship, and no longer knows my name. As a result, I was really touched when Bill told me that he ‘Really REALLY liked me and wanted to be with me forever’.

He doesn’t use many words anymore and has trouble expressing himself, but I got lots of kisses and hugs after I accepted his ‘proposal’. I was so touched. I will cherish it forever. He asked when we were getting married. My “close girlfriends” were coming over on Saturday, so I suggested that that would be a good time. Andrea, my daughter, said I needed a dress. Surely! Yes, she said. It must be a wedding otherwise.’’ ’ So I bought a dress that afternoon, intending to return it unworn.

On Friday, however, Bill was still remembering, so we bought a special cake from Mark, my cousin Lynne gave me flowers for my hair, and Eva planned and prepared a renewal of vows with a special bit for him, so he felt we were getting married.

In the morning, with beautiful homemade bunting made by Lynne the day before, a beautiful flower arrangement made by Eva, exquisite flowers from Susan for my bouquet, and my wonderful family around me, Bill and I got ‘married’ again. The day was wonderful.

We are so blessed to have family and friends who love us both and do all they can to make Bill and I enjoy our lives together.

I never thought we would renew our vows, but we did. It was wonderful. Bill was fabulous. It is even more amazing that 2 weeks later Bill still thinks he has just married his new girlfriend, and it makes him very happy.

Thank you for reading! It is important to remember that even someone with advanced dementia with all the challenges it presents can still surprise you in the most unlikely ways. Once again, Bill has made me very happy.

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