I’m 40, and I have given up on my dating life – I’m too old for it, everyone plays games these days

In her 40s, one woman says she’s giving up dating because she doesn’t fit into the current dating culture.

Charlotte Henderson gives three main reasons why she doesn’t fit into the dating world today.

Using her TikTok account, to upload the now viral post, Charlotte says she feels like everyone plays games on the dating scene these days.

Charlotte, posting under the domain @lottiehenderson1, said: “Time to give up on dating.” I’m done. I will never fit into this dating culture.”

Multi-dating is not for me

“Here are three reasons. I don’t multidate. It’s impossible for me to multi-date. If I’m dating someone, I won’t keep swiping, looking for the next best thing. “You have my attention,” said the woman.

Multi-dating, according to Charlotte, creates a competitive situation within a potential relationship.

“I can’t talk to multiple people and put this into a competitive environment, that’s just not my style,” she said.

Ghosting is not my style

“Secondly, I don’t ghost.”. How? It’s because I’m an adult. I can actually talk to you and explain how I feel quite clearly.”

Mind games aren’t my style

As a final point, Charlotte says that she refuses to play mind games, but feels that this puts her in the minority.

“I don’t play games with my mind. I don’t play any sort of games. What you see is what you get. “I won’t blow hot and cold, you will always know how I feel about you and I like you just as much as you do” she said.

“See, I will never fit into this dating culture.”

Finally, someone who talks the truth…2021 dating is a nightmare. “At last someone who talks the truth…2021 dating is a nightmare.

A second person said: “I agree with you.”. The current dating scene is ridiculous, and it is better to be single and have friends. Congratulations.” commented a third.

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