Woman meets her sister for the first time in 73 years ‘I can’t quit staring at you’

Two women living in different states found out they are sisters after more than 70 years.

“I’m so happy. As she waited at Denver International Airport, 73-year-old Linda Hoffman guessed what her mother was thinking. Linda Hoffman and Harriet Carter have been planning to meet face-to-face for almost two years.

In a perfect accident, Hoffman and Harriet Carter, 76, found each other through Ancestry.com. Harriet Carter was adopted at birth when her parents were 18 years old.

The sisters’ parents p.a.s.s.e.d away decades ago, taking their secret with them.

“I got a message from Harriet saying, ‘I think we might be related,'” Hoffman said. We were 100% compatible, but our parents never told anyone.

Since then, Hoffman and Carter have been talking on the phone almost every day. Until Tuesday, they hadn’t met in person due to the pandemic.

As Hoffman spotted her sister at the airport, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, that’s her.”.

They couldn’t believe how much they looked alike.

Hoffman said, “You look like me.”. “I can’t believe how much you look like my mother.” You look like your mom. Our mom… I can’t look away from you.”

At the airport, the long-lost sisters viewed old photos before heading to Hoffman’s house.

Hoffman said to her sister, “That picture is sad because you’re not in it.”.

“To see all these pictures of love and bonding and closeness… now that I’m older, I find them more relevant,” Carter said.

After arriving at Hoffman’s home, Carter was greeted by a room decorated for her arrival with Christmas decorations.

“Take a look at this. I like it,” Carter said as she glanced around the room. They don’t dwell on the time missed. Instead, they cherish the time they have left.

“I think we found each other at the right time,” Hoffman said.

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