These 20 Years Later Dad & Son Police Duo Recreate Precious Photo Memory

When Andrew Gould’s son was a child, he aspired to be like his uniformed dad when he grew up. Twenty years later, his dream has finally come true.

A father and son duo recreated a sweet image from 1998 for the Auburn, Washington Police Department’s Facebook page in honor of Father’s Day.

Officer Andy Gould poses with his young son in the original, and a handwritten caption reads, “When I get taller, I’m planning to be his partner to catch the bad guys and burglars.”

There are a few updates in the contemporary photo: Gould has grown a mustache and has a few grey hairs, but still wears his police uniform; and his son, now a sheriff’s deputy, sits on his dad’s lap in the driver’s seat of a patrol car.

“At 6’7”, Officer Gould’s son was a difficult fit in his patrol vehicle on Father’s Day this year, but they did it,” says the caption. “As you can see in this Father’s Day card from 1998, his son followed his father into law enforcement.

The photo was recreated 20 years later as a tribute to father and son. Hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful father’s day like our own Officer Gould!.

According to KIRO7, Gould was able to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a police officer after all. Although they are not partners, his son works as a King County Sheriff’s deputy in the same area.

This is awesome stuff right there! Thanks for your service,” wrote one commenter. Another added, “Thanks for leading the way, Dad.” And thanks for following in your footsteps, Junior! Be safe!”

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