Tear-jerking moment boyfriend shaves girlfriend’s head before immediately shaving his own

Caring couples can do many wonderful, selfless things for one another. A partner can show appreciation and love for another by making changes as a sign of solidarity.

A young man named Damien recently did this for his friend Eva, who suffers from alopecia. It was a touching act of love that left many in tears.

TikTok’s viral video shows a caring boyfriend shaving his head after shaving that of his girlfriend, Eva Bari.

Eva is a law student from Monaco who suffers from alopecia, a condition that causes bald patches and severe hair loss. Eva regularly shaves her head after periods of hair growth, but this time was different.

In her most recent shaving session, Eva asked her boyfriend for help and filmed the process for TikTok. “After months of growing my hair for the first time in 10 years, I had to ask my boyfriend to shave my head again… [The] first time was with my grandfather,” she commented beneath the TikTok.

Eva sits down while her boyfriend carefully buzzes off her hair, taking his time to do it properly. Eva appears to be sad and distraught at times, but is nevertheless brave and stoic.

However, it was the emotional ending of the video that left people in tears. After shaving Eva’s head, her boyfriend takes the clippers to shave his own hair. The student breaks down into tears after seeing her boyfriend shave, and the video ends with the pair kissing and hugging.

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