Frowning Has Never Been This Cute Till You See It On This 2-yo Adorable Girl

Parents usually cheer up their children when they’re sad, but this South Korean couple enjoys it when their daughter frowns or shows an unhappy expression.

She became an internet sensation after her parents posted her frowning expression on social media. It appears that they are not the only ones who find her frowning expression cute.

This adorable 2-year-old girl named Roan melts hearts whenever she shows her cute expressions.

Roan gained more than 43,000 followers on her Instagram account thanks to her funny expressions. People who look at Roan’s pictures are unsure of why they are feeling happy despite an angry expression on his face.

“Why do I feel happy when I see an angry face?””

You can’t help but love an angry face like this one!

When Roan didn’t get his food on time, most people would frown.

Not only did Roan frown while waiting for her food, but she also frowns when her dress is not styled the way she wants.

As she waits restlessly for her parents to take her for a walk,

When she thinks her bang is getting too high,

or when she walks and sees something out of the ordinary.

Her character has even been compared to Boo in the Monster, Inc. movie. It’s not hard to see why!

And she takes her food very seriously.

Roan looks just as adorable when she smiles as she does when she frowns!

A happy Roan with her parents.

She’s also adorable when she’s sleeping!

Even when she’s crying, she’s cute!

Make sure to follow Roan’s Instagram if you can’t get enough of her cuteness.

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