Man Decided To Quit His Job And Sell All His Possessions To Travel The World With His Cat

We all have a life purpose, and the same is true for Rich East. Others strive to become motivated to achieve for a successful career, but East decided to quit his job and sell everything he owned just to travel.

One day, East decided to stop working and sell all his possessions, including his house, and travel the world with his buddy. As if that weren’t good enough, Willow, his buddy on the journey, is a rescue cat.

Willow, East’s cat.

East and Willow have travelled more than 50,000 kilometers in a campervan across Australia. East and Willow have been traveling around Australia for more than two and a half years now since they left Hobart, Tasmania.

Inside the van, she becomes comfortable.

Together they reached South Australia, which marked the cat’s official completion of visiting all six states and two territories of Australia. From Bourketown, Queensland all the way up to the Northern Territory, they also managed to sail the Great Barrier Reef and camp on mountains.

South Australia, check!

East said that some people find his cat-related adventure strange. He explained that Willow never complains despite all the trekking and spends most of her time around the camp without any issues when she is on a collar.

Additionally, Willow has a special tracking device on her so that East can keep track of her.

Willow makes me so proud. The cat that made my van a home and the whole of Australia her backyard. My best travel companion ever!

East says they are not going to stop anytime soon after almost reaching home. Now they have become accustomed to life on the road and are very happy with their unique lifestyle.

We expect them to continue traveling!

If you can’t get enough of these adorable buddies, check out their website.

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