Little Girl Asks Mom Why She Threw Her Art In The Trash “I Made This For Us”

A heartbroken child ran to her mother and accused her of throwing away her drawing.

Children love creating and expressing themselves in many ways to show their love. Parents should show their children some appreciation in return. However, one little girl was heartbroken when she found her work of art in the trash. The Good News Movement uploaded the video taken by the girl’s mother, which shows her reaction. A video shows an adorable girl with a British accent running into a room while holding a crumbled piece of paper in her hands. Accusingly, she tells her mother (who is watching the video) that she found the picture on the bus. When the girl tells her mother, “I made the picture for us,” her mother quickly apologizes, “I’m sorry.”.

“It must have been an accident,” the mother tells the girl.

“I thought it was something else.” She begins to cry and looks at the crumpled paper before telling her mother, “That’s not kind.” As her mother apologizes, she adds, “And also you ripped it.” Her mother explains, “Did I?” Sorry, the girl tells her mother there will be repercussions, “You’re going to be in trouble now.”.

The video has gone viral for obvious reasons. The sweetness and genuine hurt in the girl’s voice are very touching. Parents could also relate to the mom, who remarked that it wasn’t always easy to save all the children’s artwork.

The Good News Movement shared a post on Instagram that received a lot of reactions.

Someone wrote, “Poor baby..She needs a hug.”.

Another saᎥd: Ꭵt’s the BrᎥtᎥsh accent and “bᎥn” for me.

Another commented: Ꭵt’s the… “DᎥd I???” … for me. You know you dᎥd! One advᎥsed: That’s why it’s very important to pay attention to the importance of children. A level 1 to an adult is a level 50 to a child.

Another user wrote how important it was to her that her own mother would save her work as a child.

Another shared story: My mother kept every scrap of paper I scribbled on in boxes. She had no idea I’d grow up to be an artist, of course. I’m so grateful for her.

casa_kennington noted: Oh my, she’ll be calling mommy out many more times because very few things would succeed with her!

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