Karma Comes Knocking When An Evil Man Steals From His Grandma

Sometimes we hear about Karma, and we may even experience it in our lives. According to the circumstances, it seems to work for the good or the bad.

Sometimes, we hear that someone is getting what they deserve when they experience it, and it might even give us a sense of justice being served.

You are sure to feel that way after reading the following story. The story may be fiction, but we realize that these things happen all too often to ignore them.

At the end of the film, you will feel as if everything is okay in the world, even though someone had to get what they deserved.

Bernice was about 70 years old when her grandson, Kota, began acting strangely around her. It was late in Kota’s 20s, and he was recently married to a grumpy woman named Kate. As Bernice got older, Kota and Kate spent more time with her, but they never seemed to have much to say. Kota was Bernice’s favorite when he was growing up, and she spent a lot of time with him. Recently, she has seen a different side to him. A side she did not care for. Though, she figured it was stress from his job, or possibly issues at home with Kate, and didn’t pay it much attention.

A beautiful estate home in south Florida was too big for Bernice to live alone in. Her plan was to sell her home and move into a smaller place where she could take care of herself better. Kota assisted her with the paperwork and offered to let her stay with him and Kate until she found a place of her own. Bernice accepted the offer as genuine. As she packed her things, she noticed Kate looking at her with an odd smirk.

Bernice regretted immediately moving in with the couple. Kate’s tone was rude and condescending. Bernice felt terrible because Kota never bothered to say anything either. Bernice was relieved when she learned her house had sold after 3 months of living like that.

Bernice’s house was quite valuable, and she was looking forward to using it as her new home. However, Kota said that it would be in her best interests to let him handle her finances until she found the perfect place. Bernice didn’t take the remark too seriously. She assumed Kota was being honest when he handed her the paperwork to sign. She was unaware that Kota had her sign away her rights to the sale of the house. Her money would go to him, and she would get nothing.

According to Bernice, as long as I don’t end up in a nursing home, I don’t care what kind of house I end up with.

He looked serious as he took her hand, and promised his grandmother that he would never put her in one of those places again. Bernice heard Kate giggle behind her.

Bernice realized something wasn’t right after a few weeks. Kota entered her room and told her the news she never expected. She would be placed in a nursing home tomorrow. Kate and he had discussed it, and that was their decision. Bernice asked her grandson about the money she received from the house.

Aha! No worries grandma, I’ll keep it safe for you and you can use it whenever you like! Kate and I will always look after you.”

Bernice knew that wasn’t the truth. Amy, her new nurse, met her the next day when she entered the nursing home.

Bernice eventually discovered that Kota had stolen her money. When he did come to visit, all he asked was if she had any money to lend him. Kota and Kate went on lavish cruises and bought luxurious clothes and cars as the years passed. Bernice knew where her money had gone, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Amy listened to Bernice’s stories about Kota and Kate with shock and disgust. It didn’t take her long to become friends with Bernice, and they became best friends. Bernice and Amy would play cards after Amy’s shift, or Amy would bring Bernice some of her favorite books to read. Amy treated Bernice better than her own grandchild, but Bernice treasured Amy more than her own. She respected Amy.

Amy walked Kota to Bernice’s room when he returned to visit.

Bernice knew why Kota was in the room the moment he entered. Kota likely asked about inheritance since her brother had just p.a.s.s.e.d a.w.a.y. Kota asked her about her brother after asking a few boring questions about the weather and the food.

Have you heard anything from the lawyers about his d.e.a.t.h?”

Yes, Kota was just there to receive any inheritance. Bernice lied and said she hadn’t heard anything. Nevertheless, she inherited over 3 million dollars from her brother’s estate.

“I must go now, see you later, Gran.”

She was disgusted with Kota and his wife, who she knew was also involved in this manipulation. But she had $3 million to hold on to and had to keep it a secret for as long as possible.

Bernice passed away 3 months after that day. Amy arranged a funeral gathering at the nursing home for her closest friends, and she cried for days afterwards. Bernice, her best friend, owed her one more favor. Amy was supposed to deliver a letter from Bernice to Kota when she passed away. As a result, she gathered her purse and letter, and went to Kota’s mansion.

The door opened when she rang the bell. Kota stood there with Kate behind him.

Kota, here you are. “Here is a letter from Bernice. She wanted you to have it.”

Amy left, and Kota quickly closed the door behind her. Upon discovering how much money Bernice had left him, he tore open the envelope and a few dollars fell to the ground. Kate screamed in anger as he read the letter out loud.

“I know you stole my money from the sale of the house, Kota.” Kate spent my life savings and lied to me every step of the way. Here’s something you don’t know. My brother did leave me money, quite a bit. Approximately $3 million. You won’t see any of it. Amy, my nurse for all these years, gets every penny. You do not deserve it!”Kota and Kate quickly went bankrupt since they had no money to pay for their luxurious lifestyle. Eventually, they became homeless on the streets, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

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