Young Boy Takes His Sister To Father-Daughter Dance After Dad Doesn’t Show

Many internet users have been moved to tears by the story of one young man who stepped up when the time came to take his father’s place.
As a child, being let down by a close family member is a uniquely crushing experience that can have an incredibly long-lasting effect on a child.

Young Skylar Hamerter had been looking forward to the father-daughter dance for months.

Skylar, 7, from Covington, Georgia, was very excited to attend the father-daughter dance at her school.

Skylar’s mother explained in an interview with Today that Skylar had said to her in the months leading up to the dance, “Mommy, I want my dad to come with me.”. I don’t want grandpa to come. I want everyone to know I have a dad,”

Skylar’s father, however, stood her up that day.Skylar’s mother initially thought that Skylar’s father would never let her down.
Ms. Hamerter began to suspect Skylar’s father might not show up, as he had stopped answering her calls in the days leading up to the dance.

This was not the first time Skylar had been let down for this dance.

Skylar’s father also let her down at the last father-daughter dance!

“This is the second year in a row that my daughter’s father has stood her up for the Daddy/Daughter dance. Her tears came because she had her heart set on going. In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Skylar’s mother, Trelysia Hamerter, wrote, “I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do since I’m not a man.”.

Skylar’s brother stepped in to take his place.

Skylar’s brother saw her crying and asked his mother what was wrong. After his mother explained the situation to him, 11-year-old Christian said:In an interview with Today, Ms. Hamerter said: “If he doesn’t show, I’d like to bring Skylar to the dance… she deserves to know that a man can keep his promise and that she’s very special.”
Hamerter’s mother was incredibly proud of her son’s actions.

And why wouldn’t she be? in her Facebook post, she also wrote, “y’all I literally cried”, and wrote of her son:

“Know that I’m raising a great husband one

Ms. Hamerter’s post has since gone viral.

Christian’s post detailing his wonderful actions has been shared over 50, 000 times and liked over 100, 000 times since it was posted! Comments have included the following:

“Great job, mom!” He’s an awesome big brother and son, and he’ll make a great husband someday! You made it happen!”””

Lovely children and such a loving brother. I think you’re an awesome mom and you’re doing a great job with your children. “That’s what brothers do. And love to all big brothers.”
Apparently the pair had a great time at the dance!


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