A Surprise Birthday Gift From Her Kind Employer Made This Woman Cry For Joy: “I’ve Only Been Working For 9 Months, My Employer Is Very Kind To Give Me A Smartphone!”

Philippine and Indonesian women are frequently employed as m.a.i.d.s in other countries. Some of them work for a family for several years until they gain the trust of the employer and are considered family.

A Philippines maid has been working for a Singaporean family for nine months. It was particularly heartwarming when this maid was able to celebrate her birthday with her boss. She was surprised with a new smartphone, which left her speechless and in tears.

The maid recorded a video of herself receiving gifts on TikTok on Aug. 30.

In the video, she smiles as she opens her birthday present and wipes away tears as she talks with her boss.

When she opened the package, she discovered it was filled with paper pieces. Inside the larger box containing the paper scraps, the employer asked her to remove a box hidden inside, telling her it contained two gifts, Part 1 and Part 2. Wow!

After taking out the second gift, the maid was overjoyed as she exclaimed, “Oh!” to her boss. I realize what it is.. I understand.”””

The kid next to her, who was sitting next to her, couldn’t wait to see what was inside the gift. “I know it’s a smartphone!” she replied.

When she opened the gift paper, she discovered a smartphone, and she was stunned. She cried tears of joy.

The maid thanked her boss as she wiped away tears.

I didn’t even receive a smartphone for my birthday!” exclaimed her boss’s kid, who was envious.

The Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone is Part 1 of this lucky maid’s gift.

The prize for Part 2 is very appealing. She has three options for the ‘beautiful casing’ on the new smartphone her kind and considerate employer gifted her.

She also shared pictures of the food her employer’s family prepared for her on her birthday. The menu includes fried chicken, Jenebee cake, and sushi.

After 9 months of working for this family, she claimed in the TikTok video, she received a birthday present from her employer. As a result, she is quite grateful and pleased.

She appreciates her boss’s generosity and compassion, as well as the trust and affection he has shown her.

An employer who presents their maid with a smartphone demonstrates that they trust her and are satisfied with her work. Therefore, she deserves recognition.

She only worked for a short time, but it is evident that the employer and maid had a strong working relationship.

When you come across good employers and employees, you are quite fortunate, and you should always acknowledge and be grateful for them.

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